Sunday, January 25, 2009

A view inside my bakery

The details are better on this little cake.

I made pink roses and tiny lavender flowers with petal and round cutters.

Here is a view into my bakery from the street.


kimsminiatures said...

Wonderful. I love all the pink. :o
You made me hungry for some cake now.

Debbie said...

Beautiful work Donna.. It looks beautiful displayed in the window..

Anonymous said...

The cake is beautiful. It reminds me of the real wedding cakes my cousin used to make. She was known as the Cake Lady. You must be the "Mini Cake Lady".

marlies said...

I love your cake, and I want to visit your bakery!
The little bride and groom in the window are so cute!!

Chris V. said...

Def. awe-inspiring. Love the pink1 I'm bad at roses,so I'll have to practice.

The Carolina Quilter said...

How lovely! Sort of reminds me of my wedding cake--our bridesmaid's dresses were aubergine so the lady who made it (now my children's home ec teacher) made beautiful lavendar flowers to go on it that matched the gowns.

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