Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Perfect Vintage

Here are photos of my Perfect Vintage room box. I made this in November at a Whitelege-Burgess class in Wisconsin. I still need to go pick up the mat board to complete the frame.
This class was non-stop work from 8am - 5pm for three days. It was a blast!
I wanted to give it a french country feel. The class learned to age the walls and woodwork. This was done mainly with washes of acrylic paints and burnt umber oil paint and liquin.
We also learned to add subtle layers of paint to give the floor tiles an aged cut tile look. The floor "tiles" are wallpaper.

I love this stairway that goes to nowhere!
This is the wine cellar room. I still have to fill it with more wine bottles. I need to purchase a picture portrait light to light the picture over the bar area.

This is the tasting room area. I am waiting on the matching bespaq chair and I am still looking for a cabinet that will look better in this room than the one I have displayed. I painted and antiqued the bespaq sideboard. The curtains and curtain rod were fun to make and hang.
The window is lit from behind with a scene of a fountain.

The wine bottle holder is from J Getzan. I printed the pictures from the Internet and re sized them to fit in the painted frames.
There are many little details to finish and accessories to add, but I just wanted to share what I have finished so far.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Here are photos that I wanted to share of my patisserie decorated for the Holidays.
This beautiful assortment of cookies in a striped box is from Wee Little West.
Decorating for Christmas, I brought out presents, Christmas cakes and candies and Gingerbread houses.

In my kitchen, a red velvet cake by Kim's Minis is displayed. I made the cupcake progress board.

This doll is named "Annie' from Pat Melvin. My husband surprised me with her on Christmas morning. He also gave me money to take a Whitledge/Burgess large room box class in the fall.
I just love the patisserie decorated for Christmas.
Come in and enjoy!

Christmas Gift Exchange from Reisl

How thrilled I was to open my gift from the Christmas mini swap.
My gifts were packaged creatively in a Ball jar.
I wondered why the wrapped box was so heavy!
Look at these adorable acorn birdhouses. The top of the jar was wrapped with mini mushrooms on wire.
Inside the jar were more gifts. This wonderful snowman stole my heart.
Look at the tiny bunny!

Also, I received an aged pot filled with tiny mushrooms.
There was also a silver tray and gold jingle bells.

Thank you so much Reisl for the wonderful gifts!
I am very impressed with your talent.
Mini hugs,

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Candy Christmas Tree

For years I have been collecting candy themed ornaments for my Christmas tree.
Each ornament has something to do with food or candy.
There are a few exceptions of hand-made ornaments that my children made in school.

My daughter helped me decorate it this year. We usually hang "real" candy canes on it but this year we strung ribbon candy for the tree. The kids just come up and break off a piece when they want a sweet!
Happy Holidays to you!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Cupcakes in Progress

Here is a photo of my Christmas cupcake preperation board.
I used Christel's molds to make the cupcakes and then topped them with candy
that I made.