Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The White miniature

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I went with a few members of my miniature guild to Grand Rapids, Michigan to see the White House in miniature.
It was massive at 60 feet long including the east and west wings.

The gardens were even represented.

I believe the room in this photo is the State Dining Room. The tables were all set and the candleabra lit.

The Oval Office
The rooms were impressive with lit fireplaces, computers and televisions that appeared to be "on", and photographs of past presidents.
The display is a traveling display and now it moves on to a new location.
If you get a chance, it is worth seeing.
There is also a book available.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Perfect Vintage...A glass of wine anyone?

These photos are of "The Perfect Vintage". It is a Whitledge-Burgess class that I am taking in November.
" The Tasting Room"
Even though I like the furniture they have shown, I am shopping for different pieces to decorate my room.
I have been waiting for a reason the purchase the country french bespaq table and chairs.

The Wine Cellar
This side of the roombox is a wine cellar filled with crates and bottles of wine.

A glass of Merlot anyone?

The class is being held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 6-8th.
There still might be openings in the class!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Shabby Chic Bakery

I spent some time rearranging my little pink cake shop yesterday.
Here is a front view looking into the shop. The shop is made by Sid Cooke Dollhouses. I like this design because it hinges and opens from the front.
Sometime in the near future I would like to change the store sign, add some window boxes and make a brick sidewalk.
The shelves and filled with cakes with room for more.
After looks a little bare. I need to add more "stuff".

This side of the cake shop is a baking table made by Kim Saulter and
a small table to enjoy a slice or two of the delicious cakes.
The green and white dog bed I made in my Miniatures club last week.
My little Wee-Chon (Westie/Bichon mix) welcomes guests.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Filling up my patisserie

My "Le Petite Patisserie" is put together and I have started to fill it with desserts.

I put an elegant frame, matting, and glass on the room box. I think that the framing makes the room box look more like a piece of art behind glass.

On the display side, I painted the Bespaq counters the same color as the trim.

I just love the scene out of the window and door.

I have just started to fill the kitchen.

It will take me a while to fill it up but I am in no hurry.

The paper towel holder was a gift from my friend Sharon. She took the class with me.

I pleated the fabric for under the sink.

This Whitledge-Burgess class was so much fun. I am so pleased with the patisserie and look forward to filling it up!