Saturday, February 4, 2012

Flower photos

 This basket of lilacs turned out very pretty.  I made the lilacs from a kit that I bought.
There a tiny beads that I painted on the tops of the lilacs to look like flower buds.
I added some seed packets and a shovel.
These hydrangeas I made from leaf sheets from Pepperwood Miniatures.  I used the pink leaf sheets  and added a few blooms from the green leaf sheet as well.
I was surprised at how many flower heads and leaves it took to fill this wire wicker planter.
It turned out wonderful and I am satisfied.
This will go in the greenhouse in my newest room box.
Have a wonderful day,

New Photos to show

 This cabinet is from a class that I took in Chicago from Lisa Engler of Lisa's Little Things.

 There were about ten of us in the class.  We had fun assembling all of the little bolts of lace, boxes and trimming for the cabinet. 

Now I need to design a room box around this beautiful piece!
have a wonderful day,