Monday, April 27, 2009

Peach and Strawberrry shortcakes

Last week I spent quite a bit of time trying to make these shortcakes.
I had a few questions and if anyone would offer some advice, I would really appreciate it.
My question is in working with the "frosting". I used silicone and piped it on between the layers and around the fruit toppings.
It was a little tricky because I can't bake the silicone so instead of making a glaze for the fruit from tls, I had to use sculpy glossy mixed with artist chalk. Can anyone think of a better way to accomplish this?
Also, I wanted to grate some chalk for "powdered sugar" and "cinnamon" on the top. Once again, I can't bake it so how do I adhere it to the topping?
I would appreciate any suggestions.
For the cakes, I textured them with a variety of items to get a shortcake look. I used crumpled aluminum foil, them a toothbrush and finally sandpaper.
The peaches were fun to make. I rolled the clay and flattened it on one side on my ceramic tile. Then I popped it in the freezer to firm up a bit. I dusted the top with grated artist chalk in the red color. Then I slices the length into peach slices. With a toothpick, I made a tiny indent in the peach were the "pit" would have been.
The strawberries were just a cane that I sliced.....easy.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Working on "Le Petit Patisserie" in class

I have nothing but good things to say about the Whitledge-Burgess class that I took in Chicago last week. Ray and Scott were wonderful teachers and I learned so much.
First, we built the walls outside of the main box. Some of the walls we wallpapered and some we covered with fabric. The print above is a quality quilting fabric.
This is the box that we installed the finished walls. It was already partially wired and we competed all of the wiring in class. I believe there were 18 recessed lights in the ceilings and display cabinets. There is one main light above the stove and another behind the door and window to light up the outside view.

The floors were fun to make. We used strip wood and wallpaper in a faux finished design.
The salesroom floor is also faux finished wallpaper in a marbled design. Just cut squares and glue down leaving grout lines in between. Finish with a high gloss acrylic spray for shine.
The stove and refrigerator was made from self-adhesive aluminum contact paper (shelving paper). The stove and oven knobs are earring backs!

The recessed ceiling lights were just grommets glued in place.

Almost done! We installed the finished walls inside the box against the ceiling and flooring to fit together like a puzzle. At this point, I still had trim to complete.
This was a four day class. We worked from 8am to 5pm every day to complete the room box.
More pictures to come!