Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easter Table with Panoramic Eggs

                       Here is a photo of an Easter table that I made to display panoramic eggs.
 The eggs were a workshop that I taught for my mini club.  I found a bead that was the right size for the egg.
Then I made a mold of a half-egg.  I formed a front and back egg from polymer clay.  The base is a jewelry finding.  I glued the egg together and put the bunny inside on some polymer clay grass.  I added a clay bow and rosette.  After baking and cooling, I "sugared" the egg with glitter and then the "icing" was piped on the egg. 
 This egg has a little chick inside along with some jelly beans.

This Easter table was made by my friend Jeannette.  She did such a wonderful job!