Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chicago workshop with Rik Pierce

"Fair Rosemond's Bower" is the name of the workshop that I took at the Chicago International.
Rik Pierce is a kind, down-to-earth man and a great teacher.
I learned so much in the class that I feel it was well worth the price of the workshop.
We worked from 8 o'clock in the morning until late at night for four days.

In class, I completed some of the paper clay on the exterior of the structure. Here at home, I am working on finishing the stone work. After I complete applying all of the paper clay, pressing in individual stone shapes, and cleaning the grout lines, I will be ready to give the stone a watered down wash of black and dark burnt umber paint to tone down the white of the paper clay. Then I will start to add washes of color to the stones.

Rik supplied everything for the class. He gave us all of the paper clay, the tools, and even the board, tile and a piece of plastic pipe to roll the paper clay to the right thickness.

This photo is of the ground floor interior that I finished in class. The base of the structure is just foam core board and surprisingly lightweight. I still have to add the flooring.

This photo is of the upper level. We learned to distress the timbers in class with a make-shift saw blade. We also leaned to make the stained glass windows. One of my favorite techniques is the plaster covering some of the brickwork.
I will keep posting photos as I make progress. When it is finished, the house will sit in a wood base supplied by Rik.
If you ever get a chance to take one of his workshops, jump at the chance!
Have a great day,


TreeFeathers said...

It's lovely, can't wait to see more as you progress on it. You're so lucky to get to take a class from Rik Pierce!

- Grace

Debbie said...

Looks lovely Donna. Lucky you doing the class..xxx

Janice said...

What a great opportunity Donna which you certainly took avantage of. Fab cottage.

Michelle's Mad World said...

This is a wonderful project and has endless possibilities what it could be used for! I am a huge fan of Rik's work and you are so very lucky to have been able to attend one of his classes! :o))

Michelle :o)

shannonc60 said...

Looking fantastic. I'd love to take a Rik Pierce class some day.

KC-Design said...

The Fair Rosamond's Bower is a beautiful house and you`ve done a great job at it!! Rik is a wonderful teacher with a good sence of humor. I am happy to welcome him back in Germany this June. We will do the Tanglewood and next year the Fair Rosamond's Bower. Can`t wait to start (-:

Sans said...

You have done fabulously!! If ever I have the chance, I won't miss a Rik Pierce class

Garden of Miniatures said...

Looks marvelous,I think Rosamund's Bower is one of Rik's greatest workshops and you did it very well.Love the plaster you made,looking forward to see how you will finish it.Jeannette

Marion said...

Hi Donna, I landed on your blog by chance. Love what you've done. It's come out great. I myself have taken a class with Rik Pierce as well. See my blog: http://marion-thewitchscottage.blogspot.com/. And I am so lucky. Next February Rik will be back downunder and I am going to do the Thatched Market Hall. I will be returning to see how you're going with finishing your project. Cheers

MinisOnTheEdge said...

It's looking Fantastic Donna!! I have not done anything else to mine yet but your pictures has inspired me to get back to it!

Creepy_Creations said...

I have to say that is awesome! Great work!!


Patty said...

Donna, It is really turning out so wonderful! I managed to take my first class from Rik in July and have been blogging about it too!! (The Crooked House) It is so great to see "Rosamund's Bower"(<----spelling?) It is a grand building!!