Saturday, April 27, 2013

Landscaping Pickett Hill

Landscaping my Pickett Hill quarter scale house has been challenging but fun.
I learned to make many...many hydrangeas and hollyhocks.
I have also displayed several of my tiny dolls that I purchased from Suzanne and Andrews Miniatures.

This is a picture of the front porch. 

The bird feeder is from Mini Gems, Barbara Meyer.  See the tiny bird on it too.


I had to have a garden gnome.  It is from Mini Gems too.

A view of the portico. 

Through the garden arbor. 
Working in quarter scale is a challenge.  Maybe that is what I love so much about it. 
The interior of the house is almost finished.  I still have the bathroom fixtures to add.
Have a wonderful day!


The Little Mrs said...

Hi Donna! You did such a nice job with all the flowers and grass and the little walkways. A labor of love :-) I like the little peoples to. I wish I could shrink down to size and live there...
Have a nice Sunday, hugs Jen

Tatiana said...

Какой прекрасный сад! Замечательные фотографии!