Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Vacation for quarter scale 1:48 minatures!

Last week my husband and I had a chance to vacation for a week in a timeshare in Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. 
I took plenty of mini kits to work on in my downtime.  After a day of hiking, antiquing or wine tasting, I settled in and worked on some quarter scale miniature kits I have been neglecting for a while. 
The filled armoire is a kit by B&J's miniatures.  I am ashamed to say how long I had this kit in my possession unfinished.  The armoire kit went together beautifully.  I used my stain pen and gave it a oak stain finish.
Filling the cabinet overwhelmed me until I just jumped in and started playing.  Because many of the graphics included in the kit were so tiny, I kind of did my own thing.  Once I started, I couldn't stop until I had it completed, which was that evening.   

 The sewing room is in the third floor of the Jasmine Victorian I am currently working on. 
The work table is a kit by the Betterley's.  I used some items from the armoire kit and many items that I have been collecting to fill the table. 
 This adorable treadle sewing machine was an item I bought finished from B&J's miniatures.
The thread cabinet is also one of their kits.  The beautiful rug I found on pinterest and printed it on fabric.  Just a few more touches and this room will be complete.  My goal is to have the house completed in time to take it to Name National in Indy this year.....or more realistically, next year.
Here is a sampling of some of the flowers I worked on too.
If I was as prolific in working on my miniatures as I was on this one week of vacation, all of my kits would be completed!
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