Monday, April 13, 2009

Working on "Le Petit Patisserie" in class

I have nothing but good things to say about the Whitledge-Burgess class that I took in Chicago last week. Ray and Scott were wonderful teachers and I learned so much.
First, we built the walls outside of the main box. Some of the walls we wallpapered and some we covered with fabric. The print above is a quality quilting fabric.
This is the box that we installed the finished walls. It was already partially wired and we competed all of the wiring in class. I believe there were 18 recessed lights in the ceilings and display cabinets. There is one main light above the stove and another behind the door and window to light up the outside view.

The floors were fun to make. We used strip wood and wallpaper in a faux finished design.
The salesroom floor is also faux finished wallpaper in a marbled design. Just cut squares and glue down leaving grout lines in between. Finish with a high gloss acrylic spray for shine.
The stove and refrigerator was made from self-adhesive aluminum contact paper (shelving paper). The stove and oven knobs are earring backs!

The recessed ceiling lights were just grommets glued in place.

Almost done! We installed the finished walls inside the box against the ceiling and flooring to fit together like a puzzle. At this point, I still had trim to complete.
This was a four day class. We worked from 8am to 5pm every day to complete the room box.
More pictures to come!


JenniferKy said...

O my! It is wonderful!! Where can you find that wallpaper?? so you layed strips of wood down in a designed and put that paper in the empty squares?? What were they glued too??
Sorry for the questions but my house is looking for something like this..

mini hugs

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Lucky you!!!! I can't wait to see more pictures as you go along! Thank you for sharing! :)

Never Enough Time said...

The plaid wallpaper in the kitchen, they told us that was from Isty Bitsy Minis. The floral "wallpapers" in the shop and alcove are fabric they provided. We spread "Yes" glue evenly on the bookboard walls and then attached the fabric. I think they use fabric because it allows you to have a better choice as far as color and pattern. It was easy to apply and looks great.
For the inlaid floor, they gave us thin strip wood, faux finish wallpaper and thin cardboard squares. We glued the wallpaper to the squares and trimmed exactly to fit. We drew a line down the center of the floor and on a diagonal, laid the first tile on the line. The wood strip went against this to start to build the design. I have the pattern if you would like it.
I hope this helps,

rosanna said...

Welcome back donna. I most envy you your class, everything looks wondrous!1

Debbie said...

Donna it looks like to had a wonderful productive time. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your pictures..

Lynn B said...

Wonderful work in progress, can't wait to see the finished product!

MiniKat said...

Oh so pretty, even unfinished in the pictures! Can't wait to see more!

marlies said...

This is beautiful, thank you for sharing how you did this, I look forward for the next pictures.
* marlies

Linda Carswell said...

Wow! How wonderful, I would love to attend a class like that!!! Your work looks great, you must be very proud!

kimsminiatures said...

Donna, it is looking so wonderful. I can't wait to see more. Lucky you. What fun.... Mini hugs!

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

This is wonderful! I am envious that there is such class in the states! I love looking how you did the walls, lights and floors. Can't wait to see the shop being filled up!

Pei Li

Jean Day said...

What a wonderful time that must have been!!! Thanks for sharing.

catherine said...

hello Donna
OK tha's it I am now totally green with envy. Your work is fantastic and I get a lot of inspiration from it. As I am French and therefore by default picky, I have to tell you that the correct spelling for your shop is La Petite Patisserie.
Keep the photos coming. All the best catherine