Monday, April 27, 2009

Peach and Strawberrry shortcakes

Last week I spent quite a bit of time trying to make these shortcakes.
I had a few questions and if anyone would offer some advice, I would really appreciate it.
My question is in working with the "frosting". I used silicone and piped it on between the layers and around the fruit toppings.
It was a little tricky because I can't bake the silicone so instead of making a glaze for the fruit from tls, I had to use sculpy glossy mixed with artist chalk. Can anyone think of a better way to accomplish this?
Also, I wanted to grate some chalk for "powdered sugar" and "cinnamon" on the top. Once again, I can't bake it so how do I adhere it to the topping?
I would appreciate any suggestions.
For the cakes, I textured them with a variety of items to get a shortcake look. I used crumpled aluminum foil, them a toothbrush and finally sandpaper.
The peaches were fun to make. I rolled the clay and flattened it on one side on my ceramic tile. Then I popped it in the freezer to firm up a bit. I dusted the top with grated artist chalk in the red color. Then I slices the length into peach slices. With a toothpick, I made a tiny indent in the peach were the "pit" would have been.
The strawberries were just a cane that I sliced.....easy.


rosanna said...

They look very good, really yummy

kimsminiatures said...

They look wonderful Donna. You did a great job. For the glaze I think what you did looks perfect. I use delta varnishes. You can put your sugar or cinnamon on when your glaze is still wet and it should stay or you can put a thin layer of glossy on and then sprinkle sugar. Textures look great too! Aren't you just lovin the food making? You are awesome! Mini hugs!

moti said...

I like it!!!!!!, they look reaaaaaally good!!!!!!!!

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

WOW, those looks wonderful!!!! Sorry, no help here as I am a compete novice at food making but when I add chalk to my dolls, I spray them with a matt sealer. I don't know if spraying with a sealer would work for your goodies? :)

cousin Deb said...

You make it sound so easy! They look delicious!

Anonymous said...

What yummy ckes. I love the way you did the peaches. Whenever I want a glaze or a wet look, I use chrystal clear gallery glass. I love it and use it for so much. I use the brown for tea or cola, the red for cherry cheesecake or pie or cherry soda and I use the green to give the wet look to my plants. I have found gallery glass to be a very useful tool.

Never Enough Time said...

Thanks for the help. I will try to find the gallery glass at my local craft store.
I didn't think about putting a thin layer of varnish on and then sprinkling the chalk on. That should work great.

Daisy said...


Linda Carswell said...

Such beautiful work, really wonderful!!

marlies said...

I can not help you, i'm can not bake such a beautiful cakes! But they realy look yummie!
* marlies

Roberta said...

I like your cakes, they are waiting just a cup of tea...

Lynn B said...

These look delicious!

Mellz said...

nice! i find glossy modge podge works really well. love that stuff!

Snowfern said...

ahhh!! these are gorgeous!!!

Eva J said...

Hello and thank you for commenting
on my blog and wanting to follow
it! I like your cakes very much -
have never tried any cakes or food
myself, and I am fascinated of how
you can make them look so real!

Dlsarmywife said...

Your cakes are gorgeous! I was wondering if you could share a little on using silicone for icing. I am just starting out, and am curious as to how this is done...or if you could point me towards and books or websites for more insight.

Never Enough Time said...

Well, I am new too and just learning as I go. I used the silicone caulking called Alex Plus Acrylic latex caulk. I think I bought it at walmart or Lowes.
I just put it in a disposable pastry bag with a tip PME #42C or #43C. I bought these tips on ebay. Just type in PME 42C and an international seller with come up.
Then, just as you would pipe a real cake, pipe with the silicone.
That is all I did. I hope this helps.