Friday, August 28, 2009

Bunny teapot and treats

Yesterday I was busy making this bunny teapot. She is holding a rose which is the spout.
The head comes off and the teapot is hollow inside.
Here is the teapot displayed in my patisserie.
It is actually a little big, measuring just over 1" tall.
The next one I need to make a "hare" smaller.

Grab a pastry and have a cup of tea!

Tommorow my husband is taking me to a miniature show in Chicago.
For my birthday, he agreed to take me a buy me a present at the show.
I will post my birthday present soon.
Mini hugs,


kimsminiatures said...

Donna I love the teapot...It is so wonderful. Happy Birthday! Have lots of fun at the miniature show.I hope you pick out something really fun. Can't wait to see it.
Mini hugs! Kim

The Carolina Quilter said...

I love your teapot. I tried sculpting a rabbit and he is too large. I can't seem to downsize my attempts at animal sculpts! But for a teapot, I think he is a nice size! Your work is always wonderful!
Happy Birthday!

Mini Leaps and Bounds

MiniMadWoman said...

Oh my goodness, Donna! What a fabulous teapot . . . I love it! It looks fantastic in your patisserie.

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the show and I can't wait to see what you bring back home with you!