Monday, August 3, 2009

Dahlias in Bloom

I thought I would share another interest besides miniatures that I love.
Last year I started growing dahlias. Ideally I craved a rose garden but where we live in rural Indiana, the Japanese beetle destroys the blooms as quick as they come.
They still bother the dahlias but not as bad.
I started the tubers indoors for an earlier bloom.
This dahlia is called "Miss Delilah" from Swan Island Dahlias.
My dahlia garden in bloom.

Here are some smaller dahlias mixed with petunias.

At 4' tall, this "Tempest" dahlia is one of my favorites.
Another great thing about dahlias is that in the late fall I can dig them up and store them for next year.
I just thought I would share these photos with you.


rosanna said...

Beautiful garden! you are very good at it. I love dahlias too, they come in so many shapes, colours and sizes.

The Carolina Quilter said...

Thank you for sharing them! They are beautiful. Our Southern heat usually kills them off but a few miles from us in the mountains of North and South Carolina, they thrive! They are quite lovely.


Debbie said...

Beautiful Display Donna.But I have to say we always seem to get Earwigs in our Dahlias over here and they are my least favourite insect.. xx

Marsha said...

Donna, there's a challenge for you over on my blog! Hugs, Marsha

MiniMadWoman said...

Donna, your garden is just lovely! From the gate right on through . . . it's somewhere I could spend a lot of time . . . if you allowed me! LOL!!

Do you have a problem with rabbits?

Thank you so much for sharing!