Monday, May 18, 2009

Filling up my patisserie

My "Le Petite Patisserie" is put together and I have started to fill it with desserts.

I put an elegant frame, matting, and glass on the room box. I think that the framing makes the room box look more like a piece of art behind glass.

On the display side, I painted the Bespaq counters the same color as the trim.

I just love the scene out of the window and door.

I have just started to fill the kitchen.

It will take me a while to fill it up but I am in no hurry.

The paper towel holder was a gift from my friend Sharon. She took the class with me.

I pleated the fabric for under the sink.

This Whitledge-Burgess class was so much fun. I am so pleased with the patisserie and look forward to filling it up!


MiniKat said...

It's lovely! IS there a wall in between the kitchen and sales floor?

Never Enough Time said...

Yes, there is a wall between the kitchen and the sales floor. The wall has built in shelves with a glass front on the sales floor side. I don't have it filled yet. That is why I didn't include photos of that part yet. There is also an alcove that I need to fill.

Debbie said...

Donna the whole setting looks fabulous. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses. xxx

Lena said...

I just love Your Petite Patisserie!
So nice details.


Anonymous said...

It is wonderful. I love the idea of the kitchen off to the side of the store. And the food is very realistic. I look forward to seeing it as it progresses.

Sassy M said...

I've seen a couple of these from people who took the class and it's great to see how each one takes on a different personality! It's coming to life!! Can't wait until you're "open for business" :)

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Your store is fabulous Donna, clever you ! The cake shop part looks like a real shop, I love the way you have done the shelving. You make wonderful cakes, makes me want another project!! Kate xx

MiniMadWoman said...

Wow, your shop turned out just lovely! I too love that little scene out the back door! Well done!

Eva J said...

It looks great, and I like
the framing of the room box and
the Bespaq counters - and of
course all the details!

Jean Day said...

How wonderful, it will be so much fun to fill with goodies! So beautiful.

Mini Hugs, Jean