Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Shabby Chic Bakery

I spent some time rearranging my little pink cake shop yesterday.
Here is a front view looking into the shop. The shop is made by Sid Cooke Dollhouses. I like this design because it hinges and opens from the front.
Sometime in the near future I would like to change the store sign, add some window boxes and make a brick sidewalk.
The shelves and filled with cakes with room for more.
After looks a little bare. I need to add more "stuff".

This side of the cake shop is a baking table made by Kim Saulter and
a small table to enjoy a slice or two of the delicious cakes.
The green and white dog bed I made in my Miniatures club last week.
My little Wee-Chon (Westie/Bichon mix) welcomes guests.


Jean Day said...

Your bake shop is so lovely, great colours. Kim's table is wonderful. I really like the pictures you have on the walls.

Mini Hugs, Jean

Sassy M said...

Love the Shabby Chic Bakery and of course my favorite color!! Donna, did you see where I "tagged" you on my blog :)

Debbie said...

Donna your little bakery is lovely. I have a couple of Sid Cook shops.
Mini Hugs

MiniKat said...

It's lovely! I really like the way the shop opens from the front. Much easier to take pictures of the treasures inside. :-)

SenaMena said...

I really like the bakery!! Thanks for sharing.

kimsminiatures said...

So wonderful Donna. As you know shabby bakeries are my favorite. I love yours so much. The colors are wonderful. Mini hugs!

Lynn B said...

I just love this, it is perfect in every way, especially the colour!

MiniMadWoman said...

Donna, what a pretty little bakery! I wish it were around the corner from me . . . I'll have a chocolate cake please! Not just a slice . . . the whole cake! LOL!!

Rachel said...

Oh my, they are pretty. Your cakes are pretty, Donna. You are talented. Great work!

Rachel :)

P.S. You're tagged, please see details in my blog entry.

Wanda said...

I just came across your blog. What a cute shabby chic bakery. I'll bet the bears love it! I see that your background is by TCBOTB. It is beautiful as well.