Friday, May 22, 2009

The Perfect Vintage...A glass of wine anyone?

These photos are of "The Perfect Vintage". It is a Whitledge-Burgess class that I am taking in November.
" The Tasting Room"
Even though I like the furniture they have shown, I am shopping for different pieces to decorate my room.
I have been waiting for a reason the purchase the country french bespaq table and chairs.

The Wine Cellar
This side of the roombox is a wine cellar filled with crates and bottles of wine.

A glass of Merlot anyone?

The class is being held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 6-8th.
There still might be openings in the class!


Debbie said...

Lucky you Donna. This looks like a fabulous class. I hope you show us all the pieces that you buy for it. when you do go don't forget to take loads of pictures.
Mini Hugs

Sassy M said...

WOW, Donna, your tasting room is wonderful!! It looks like many of the ones we visit! :)

MiniMadWoman said...

Donna, what a beautiful room! I can't wait to see your completed room . . . it will be beautiful!

kimsminiatures said...

Wow.... this is so wonderful.Lucky you. Bepaq is perfect for this one.
Mini hugs!

Mags Cassidy said...

Hey, never mind the mini-tasting room - I'd like a RL one leading off my Kitchen - lol!

Carol said...

Donna, how did you like this class? I am thinking about taking it this fall in Milwaukee.