Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Candy Christmas Tree

For years I have been collecting candy themed ornaments for my Christmas tree.
Each ornament has something to do with food or candy.
There are a few exceptions of hand-made ornaments that my children made in school.

My daughter helped me decorate it this year. We usually hang "real" candy canes on it but this year we strung ribbon candy for the tree. The kids just come up and break off a piece when they want a sweet!
Happy Holidays to you!


Tabitha Corsica said...

What a pretty tree! And such a clever idea. I love Christmas trees and I love to see what other people do for decorations. Thanks you for sharing.


Kim said...

so pretty and YUM!!!

Paris Miniatures said...

Wow!!! and I thought our Christmas tree was looking like a candy shop,I was wrong, I could eat this one, you win ;-)!!
It's beautiful!

Eva said...

Wow, so original, beautiful and yummy!!!! :)

marlies said...

Your tree looks delicious! Verry beautiful, your daughter and you did a great job!
* marlies

TreeFeathers said...

Gorgeous tree!

- Grace

dora said...

Felices Navidades

synnøve said...

Wonderful Christmas tree and a great idea!
Thank you for sharing!
Merry Christmas :)

Christmas hug

Maria Jose said...

Merry Christmas !