Sunday, December 27, 2009

Here are photos that I wanted to share of my patisserie decorated for the Holidays.
This beautiful assortment of cookies in a striped box is from Wee Little West.
Decorating for Christmas, I brought out presents, Christmas cakes and candies and Gingerbread houses.

In my kitchen, a red velvet cake by Kim's Minis is displayed. I made the cupcake progress board.

This doll is named "Annie' from Pat Melvin. My husband surprised me with her on Christmas morning. He also gave me money to take a Whitledge/Burgess large room box class in the fall.
I just love the patisserie decorated for Christmas.
Come in and enjoy!


Liberty Biberty said...

Wow! Your bakery looks beautiful as does little Annie!

Lize said...

I love it too! Great detail and collection of so many interesting objects... A feast for the eyes!

Eva said...

I love this patisserie!!! Everytime tha you post pictures I fell in love! :)

PetitPlat Food Art said...

I love patisseries! So yummy looking :)

Sca by Virginia Isabel said...

Esat realmente preciosa. Menuda maravilla.

Kim said...

Absolutely magical!! I love your patisserie so much!! So many wonderful details :)

jocelyn teo said...

oh my i honestly thought this was a REAL bakery!! so prettyyyy!! :)

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Beautiful. Love it all! Its also interesting with all the tiny details just about everywhere.
Nikki xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

I love the whole thing, its all so beautifully put together and looks really Chrismtassy. I love the way you have the pictures on th eoutside to make it look like the view from the window, so pretty! Kate xx

Brigitte said...

Your patisserie is the VERY BEST I have ever seen.I just LOVE everythign about it.The details are something else.Congratulations,

Garden of Miniatures said...

Another great work,so many things to see.I really enjoy to look at the things you've made and how you decorate the scenes.Jeannette

Adriana Guedes Miniaturas said...

Mini maravilhosa!
Uma das mais bonitas que já vi.
Adriana Guedes