Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Perfect Vintage

Here are photos of my Perfect Vintage room box. I made this in November at a Whitelege-Burgess class in Wisconsin. I still need to go pick up the mat board to complete the frame.
This class was non-stop work from 8am - 5pm for three days. It was a blast!
I wanted to give it a french country feel. The class learned to age the walls and woodwork. This was done mainly with washes of acrylic paints and burnt umber oil paint and liquin.
We also learned to add subtle layers of paint to give the floor tiles an aged cut tile look. The floor "tiles" are wallpaper.

I love this stairway that goes to nowhere!
This is the wine cellar room. I still have to fill it with more wine bottles. I need to purchase a picture portrait light to light the picture over the bar area.

This is the tasting room area. I am waiting on the matching bespaq chair and I am still looking for a cabinet that will look better in this room than the one I have displayed. I painted and antiqued the bespaq sideboard. The curtains and curtain rod were fun to make and hang.
The window is lit from behind with a scene of a fountain.

The wine bottle holder is from J Getzan. I printed the pictures from the Internet and re sized them to fit in the painted frames.
There are many little details to finish and accessories to add, but I just wanted to share what I have finished so far.


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

oh wow this looks so life like! Wonderful ageing effects and that brickwork is amazing, how were the bricks done? How youve done that curve is just so cool! and love the effect of the staircase you would really think its going off to someones study! Love it all, Kate xx

rudoo said...

Hi Donna, that is absolutely gorgeous!! I would love to do a class like that someday. Yours is fanatstic!
Jonna :-)

rosanna said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful !!! I love everything in it Rosanna

Josje said...

That is a beautiful, beautiful roombox! I love your green painted sideboard. I was just thinking of suggesting to paint the cupboard green when I saw the sideboard. Maybe that could be a bit much, a nice wooden one would probably be better.
Very nice work!

Eva said...

So so beautiful. I specially love the wine cellar and table with cheese. Very good atmosphere!

Lize said...

It is absolutely gorgeous! It looks like 1:1! Love the patina on the walls and the floor. The furniture is perfect... What a joy to look at it!

Bear cabin miniatures said...

Absolutely fabalous. I love the stairs, the ceiling, sideboard, the window, the table....Love it all. Wonderful :0) Julia xx

Lena said...

The roombox is beutiful! I love the colours and all the details. Very nice curtains, they look so realistic.


Karin F. said...

whoa! So realistic, if you don't realize it's miniature, it would pass for a photo from an expensive vintners magazine

Lynn B said...

Wow Donna, another wonderful creation by you!

Happy New Year!

Sca by Virginia Isabel said...

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Snowfern said...

oh~ this is beautiful ; ; i love it!

dora said...

It has been wonderful. Congratulations
Happy new year.
A Carmen hug

synnøve said...

Ohh... fantastic job!!! Very realistic indeed !


kimsminiatures said...

So so beautiful Donna! You have such a amazing collection. It makes me want to shrink down and go inside and never come out. Lol. Hugs~ Kim

Anonymous said...

OMG! This roombox is wonderful! I especially LOVE the tasting room! ;) I have never taken a class before and would actually love to! How are they??

Anonymous said...

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Hello Donna,
Discovered you wonderful site thanks to the title and story of my life!
Nice sharing ideas and seeing beauty through other people's eyes.
Have a nice weekend,

tinydreams said...

Absolutly wonderful!
Everything comes perfect together.

Garden of Miniatures said...

What a lovely roombox,you did a fantastic work!Jeannette

Pandora said...

This is breathtaking. I love all the little details and the steps sweep up.

How wonderful! You have a teddy bear called Pandora :-)


Catherine said...

WOW! This room is just beautiful. I love the texture of the walls. The arched brick is fantastic. I could go on and on.